Blueberries Look and Taste Great

We set up a table with a shade over it near the front porch, so that we have a place to weigh the cherries and charge people.  Every time somebody comes up with a  full bucket of cherries, I say "wow, those are amazing".  They are beautiful on the tree of course, but when you see a massive quantity it is really an impressive sight.  

This morning our friend Kim, picked a whole cardboard tray full of blueberries (about ten pounds).  I saw them and said - well you can guess what I said.  They look so big and blue and perfect.  

When we measure the blueberries on our refractometer, they are just under 15% sugar content, which supposedly is not quite ripe.  We keep telling people that, but customers say they taste great and insist on buying them.  Today we decided to just go ahead and sell them.  I put up the big "blueberry" signs and we are ready to go.